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7 Watts of computing fury!

Hi There. I’m Liam. I have always loved food, and as a DIY’er, a passion for cooking the things I like to eat ensued many years ago. As I am fortunate enough to work from home for the time being, I am now able to cook meals for my beautiful family.

I started this site to share the things I cook. Cooking and eating are both very subjective–taste is in the tongue of the beholder. I started posting recipes on Facebook, and got asked to share a few. I often ‘google’ for recipes with the ingredients I have on hand. As I don’t like to write things down, I go from memory, but this leads to inconsistent results. I therefore started this site as a way to capture my culinary meddling over time, and provide a landing spot for a few recipes. My hope is that this site will serve as a launching pad for your own inspiration.

For anyone interested, I’m currently running this site off of an old netbook I had lying around, shown above. Enjoy!